To be in weightlessness, not need to be an astronaut nor in space. It is enough to an elevator of which the loose cable.
Indeed, when you are in an elevator, you are attracted by the center of the Earth (revolved) and it's the ground of the elevator which retains you. Imagine now that the loose elvator. Being retained more, it itself is attracted by the center of the Earth, i. e. it's in free fall. If you are inside, you fall with it. Until there, nothing estonishing.

Now, let us imagine that you have fun to jump in the elevator and that at the moment when the loose elevator, you were in the air. The elevator goes as before falling in free fall. As opposed to what one could think, you will not fall down on the ground of the elevator before crushing you with him.
Indeed, in this precise case, you are as the elevator in free fall. However the speed of a body in free fall does not depend absolutely on its mass. In other words, you fall exactly at the same speed as the elevator (in fact, we can refute that : even if the breaks don't work, the engine will rub against the wall ; that should slow down the elevator and make you touch its floor...). So for somebody who would look you with a camera installed in the elevator, you would seem to float in the elevator : you would be in weightlessness.

This said, in spite of the beauty of this experiment, I don't advise you to be one day in an elevator in free fall !!!