Are women less good in maths than men ? No but they believe it. That's the result of a study by Ilan Dar-Nimrod and Steven Heine (Canada) in which 220 women made a mathematic test. The questions were the same for all of them but the test began by an exercise of comprehension of a text and there were four versions of this text.
One of these texts said it's a fact that men are better in maths, and an other one said that it's genetic. The two other texts said there were no difference, or that it was a consequence of the social and cultural context. As a result, the women who had the two last texts have better succedeed the mathematical test.
It shows that the difference in level can be provocated by a general thought. Moreover, a previous large-scaled study already showed that there isn't any significant difference between men and women.

According to Sciences et Avenir number 718, Decembre 2006