Tintin and HergéEven if you are not « tintinophile », you certainly read the work of George Remi, or at least one of the Tintin's adventures : it is one of the most sold comic strips in the world. For a child, the history is already enthralling. But even for an adult, the work of Hergé is extremely interesting : beyond the simple history, can we find hidden allusions to personalities or with historical situations, one can also be interested in the psychoanalysis, which made Serge Tisseron, one can study the working methods of that which imported into Europe the modern comic strip... In a few words, the study of Tintin is not stripped at all of interest.

Being myself « tintinophile », I thus decided to devote a part of this site to Tintin and science : I will take some anecdotes in the adventures of Tintin and will subject them to a scientific checking : are the events described by Hergé credible ? They will be to it sometimes (ex : time put to go on the Moon) and sometimes less. However, when I conclude that a passage is scientifically impossible, I do not wish to discredit Hergé, far from there ! Do not forget that these adventures are imaginary. They are certainly anchored in reality, but for all, it is necessary well to leave to the authors a share freedom !

Most of the informations are bases uppon a special edition of Science et vie (Tintin chez les savants, April 2002)